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2.4GHz WiFi Meat Thermometer Finished testing Share

2022 latest wifi meat thermometer have finished testing .

Why choose this NC-01 wifi meat thermometer ?

Longer Range: Bluetooth to 2.4GHz WiFi range extension up to 950ft, just download the APP "ToGrill" and monitor your food temperatures remotely.

Recharged & Backlight: Grill thermometer built-in 2000mAh battery rechargeable (USB charging) oven thermometer can be economical and long life. The backlit LCD display allows you to read easily from any light or any angle.
Multi-probe: Comes with up to 5 meat probes (0-300℃) and 1 ambient probe (0-500℃), which can monitor 5 different food or oven/grill/smoker temps at the same time.
Magnet&Stand Design: Newest magnet stand design provide multi-angle view, very convenient to put the cooking thermometer to lie flat, upright or adsorbed on grill, smoker, oven.
Temp Graph in App: The APP with graph function, which can view and export historical temperature data at any time.


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