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Amazon Buyers

Every Amazon seller has only a single goal and only goal– Find best selling Amazon products, get it manufactured and ship it to Amazon FBA warehouse at the cheapest rates to make the most profits,however it is not easy to do .

While deciding on how to get your products from China to Amazon FBA, there are series things that need to be done in advance, how to stick barcode , how to stick shipping lables ? how to send goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse ?

While dealing with Chinese manufacturers/factory, communication and language is a common issue. Communication gap is one of the most crucial points that one should watch out for. Though lately, a lot of Chinese suppliers are now familiar with the FBA specifications, you’ll still want to ensure that you have briefed them the right procedure and the must-haves.

All this we can help our customers ,help they do right job for their purchasing from China.

Products can be shipped from China directly to yourself or a third party middleman. Then you can forward then to Amazon FBA warehouses. There are a lot of such middlemen who'll be glad to ship your FBA inventory. 

Before importing the products, check it beforehand. Is product safety fulfilled? Are there any patents prohibiting the sale? Often, Amazon dealers believe that the big suppliers in China automatically meet all legal requirements. But this is by no means so! Because suppliers do not have to check their articles on intellectual property or on existing patents by law. As long as they sell their products so, such matters do not concern them.

If something goes wrong with an import, the issuer is always responsible. If the goods are already in your country warehouse, there is no option but to destroy the entire inventory. To find out whether there are patent infringements, no expensive patent attorney is required.

As a rule, the supplier will write in his offer “The price is valid for …. month.”This is important, because during this time the raw material costs may increase. If the offer price is not fixed, this may mean a higher price for the Amazon dealer.

Logistics is a big cost factor in the trade – in some cases it is up to 50% of the costs for some products. One of the biggest mistakes made by new buyers and smaller traders is that they are aware of the purchase price, but not the cost of shipping, packaging, taxes and customs clearance. Often sellers go online on marketplaces like Alibaba, to buy their products. But Alibaba is open to everyone and every trader can buy products there openly. This may quickly lead the competitor to buy from the same vendor and undercut the price by one Euro on Amazon.

It is often a common ideal that it is better to buy goods from the manufacturer so that you can cut costs of middlemen and save margins. However, this can be a little difficult, especially for larger manufacturers. It may be better to work with intermediaries. A small-time Amazon seller might not get the required attention from the big manufacturers, in comparison to bigger sellers on Amazon.

This problem is avoided with a powerful agent or intermediary. The agent will be useful for the customer as he may have more knowledge and large know-how, which shipping and export concerns to be addressed and can provide appropriate contacts.

How long the production takes in China is also dependent on the product itself. 

All this will be a big challenge to a new Amazon buyer , but we can be provide support to you,we can be talk with here manufacutre directly ,and also can be help confirm whether this factory that deserved to be trust or not .

If you are Amazon buyer and our product that maybe is your needs , your find the right partner.We are endeavour to provide one stop solutions for our customers needs.

If you have any questions , can feedback and talk with Xi'an Cabin Kitchen Wares Co,lTD team .We will strive to provide highest quality product make you happy and are responsive to support messages 24/7. Hope we can bring many products to your team. If can help you business growth ,Xi'an Cabin Kitchen Wares team will endeavour to support you and your team.


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