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The holiday for 2019 Labors Day. Share

                    The holiday for 2019 Labors Day.

Dear all,

According to the Regulation of National Annual Leaves and Memorial Days

and the company production schedule,  the 2019 May day holiday will happen as:


The holiday for Labor Day will be 3 days from Apr 30 to May 4, and back to

work on May 5(Sunday).

Statutory holidays(four days):

May 1(Wednesday, International Labor Day)

Paid leave days(Three days):


The May 5th are working days.


If departments need to arrange personnel to work during the holidays,

please submit the personnel list to Ernest zhu(internal call +8618192620733 ) from HR

and Admin department before April 30th, 2019, thanks.

Have a nice Labor day!

We will be off from May 1st to 4th in order to celebrate Labor's Day. If you want to contact with us ,pleaes give us an E-mail or Phone No. Thank you.

Wish you 5.1 Happy.

HR and Admin department from Xi'an Cabin kitchen Wares Co.,LTD


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