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Is this Auto-rotate meat thermometer possible to rotate the display to read easier if you're left-handed? Share

Is this Auto-rotate meat thermometer possible to rotate the display to read easier if you're left-handed?

Do you have one of those instant read meat thermometer that only seems to cook by right-handed people use ? The ideal solution is to changed the directions of your stand, but that's not always an option. If you have to make do, here have a new Rotation-display meat thermometer can help you.

Auto-rotation meat thermometer

If standing directions doesn't read that temperature, you may be able to adjust so that the resulting temperature is correct, or at least closer to where it should be. Do not use a regular thermometer for reading.

You should use left-handed instant read thermometer.It is mainly designed for left hand people use.

A left-handed meat thermometer Tips:

  • Clean your instant read meat thermometer after-use. A clean meat thermometer will always work much better than a dirty one.
  • Try different approaches to see what works best for your instant read meat thermometer.
  • Turning the oven knob higher will make the final temperature higher, but it won't make it heat up any faster. Thermostats work by turning something off or on depending on the temperature.
  • Observe the temprature that your instant read meat thermometer goes wrong. Is reading  always a bit higher than the before? Do things seem generally over- or under-done? After it is be used thousands of times. Choose your corrective actions accordingly its temprature,maybe it is need to be re-calibrate.
  • If you are cooker, let your boss know that the instant read meat thermometer isn't working properly. It might get replaced or re-calibrated, but only if the management knows there's a problem.
  • Using probes that don't inser the whole probes in the oven. it Maybe a great damage to your thermometer.
  • Auto-Rotating display
  • Our instant read meat thermometer with bottle opener,when go out with your friends, do not need to take extral bottle opener.
  • The probe can be rotated 180 degree and very convenient for both right-hand and left-hand user
  • The unit will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if no other buttons are pressed
  • Hold temperature function to stop the display from changing the readout.
  • Choose baking projects that are less sensitive to variation.

Warnings and precautions!

Do not leave the thermometer in the oven while cooking.
Do not touch hot probe with bare hands.
Wash the metal probe in soapy water.
Clean the thermometer by hand or using water.
Do not completely immerse the digital thermometer in water for minutes.
Sterilize the metal probe by inserting it into a boiling water for several minutes.

Always cook meats to the recommended internal temperature measured with a meat thermometer in the thickest part and not touching a bone.


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