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Why choose our dual probes wireless meat thermometer ? Share

Why choose our dual probes wireless meat thermometer ? from our customers voice .

I recently cooked a Thanksgiving turkey and experienced issues with getting an accurate temperature reading from the traditional style thermometers which resulted in a final hour of cooking with multiple visits to the oven to repeatedly assess the 'doneness' of the meat, each time resulting in lost temperature from opening and closing the door. It was a frustrating business. But, what if a meat thermometer could be left inside the meat while it cooked? Let's see what Amazon has....
So, that's how and why I got here.
This is a good concept - a Bluetooth-connected temperature probe that is charged before use and inserted into the meat and IS LEFT THERE while it cooks. No need to open the oven door every 10 minutes to see 'how it's doing'. Heck, there's no need to get up from your couch - just open the app on your phone and read the temperature. I like it, but how is it in real life?
The probe comes in a wooden docking station with a spring-clip that holds the probe in place. A short micro-USB cord is included which plugs into the end of the docking station. A red indicator lights up to show the probe is charging and turns green when it is fully charged and ready to go.
The next step is to download the AiCooking app which I found easily in the Google Play store. I experienced some difficulty pairing the probe with my phone which I tracked down to the fact that you only need to pair once in the 'normal' way through Phone Settings. Thereafter, the app should initiate the connection automatically when you open it and the Bluetooth connection will not appear in the phone's Bluetooth Settings after the initial pairing. A simple phone restart solved the issue for me.
The app itself is almost finished. There are a few minor issues. The main one is that, in common with many apps designed in China, they work in the metric system so the app prioritizes Centigrade temperate scales over Fahrenheit. There is a selector in the app settings to choose F which then changes the target cooking temperature.
You can use the app in manual mode where the app simply displays the current probe temperature. Or, you can choose from a menu (sic) of meats with pre-programmed levels of doneness for each item. However, instead of programming the temperature selections in Fahrenheit, a straight conversion from the Centigrade equivalent has been made. So, for example, in Centigrade the medium rare/medium /medium well temperatures are 54C, 57C and 63C which are easy to read. When set to degrees F the same settings show up as the EXACT 129.2F, 134.6F and 145.4F equivalents. The temperature scale on the same meat selection menu always displays Centigrade even if you have set the system to F. C'mon guys.... just round the Fahrenheit targets to the nearest whole number to make reading them easy. In action, I don't think it'll make a great deal of difference since you'll be reading progress from a 'speedometer' style clock anyway. See photos.
As of the date of writing this review, I've not yet used the probe in cooking. The next probable opportunity will be Christmas so I'll come back and update my review to report back on real-world use of the probe. I did check the ambient room temperature against an electronic thermometer in my living room and the two agreed to within 0.1F so it does appear to be accurate. However, I'll only find out if this is the item I hope it is by actually using it. Stay tuned.


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