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Does anyone know why amazon allows chinese sellers to ship Goods from china to USA end-User ? Share

Do you know “why” Amazon +allows+ Chinese sellers? Because frankly, they are better at business, than Americans and easier to work with. They don’t look at what their neighbor is doing and complain, they watch +and+ learn in silence.

Many have quality products and can keep their costs down, because they are producers of volume and labor is not as expensive as it is here. They look to the future, while learning from the past, but live 100% in the present.

Whether you or any other seller in this forum feels differently, for the most part, honest Chinese sellers, will beat most American sellers, on customer service and price, any day of the week.

Not everything that comes out of China is counterfeit and by the same token, not every American seller, is fit to be selling on Amazon.

The prejudice, jealousy and rude behaviour, directed against any race or country, should be banned in this forum.

Products shipped from China, take anywhere between 3 to 21 days to be received and at +bare minimum+, at least 75% of the products being sold on Amazon, are not made in the USA, but in China or Taiwan.

Get off your high horse and work, instead of criticizing other countries, cultures or races.

Frankly, I don’t care who disagrees with me. I learned this business from a brilliant Chinese gentleman, back in the 70’s and he was the most hard working, honest, no frills, no BS human being, I ever had the honor of working with.

Honestly, I purchase more, directly from China and Japan, for +personal+ use, than I purchase from US sellers.

My last purchase from China, arrived in 3 days, via FedEx. The majority of sellers, I purchase from repeatedly, are from China (and Japan for bonsai supplies), because they give exceptional service, the products purchased are of good to outstanding quality and +I+ can wait, 7 to 10 days or sometimes longer, for my orders to arrive.

Amazon is actively recruiting Chinese sellers to utilize FBA and has been doing so, for quite some time. Amazon has ships, that voyage empty to China, to pick up goods, for FBA. In all the years, I was involved in import-export, I never knew of an ocean freight company, that voyaged empty cargo ships; but +that+ is how profitable it is to pick up the goods and return stateside quickly.

Most of the International sellers I know, +want+ to utilize FBA. For some of the smaller sellers, it is not yet profitable enough for them to do so, but that +is+ their ultimate goal. They are wise enough to understand, a business needs to start small (thus all the inexpensive goods), get a feel for what is going on in the global marketplace and steadily push forward.

The difference in the work and business culture is vastly different than in the US and this holds true for Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and of course, Asia.

Individual sellers, begin selling through blind delivery, directly from manufacturers; which is a 100% feasible, viable +(and permissible, on Amazon)+ manner, in which to drop ship. More popular in Eastern Europe, but also common in Southeast Asia and Asia, it is common practice for sellers to list hundreds of products, they do not have immediately on hand, but forward their daily orders to local suppliers and physically retrieve the products, to pack and ship to buyers. Not much different than an auto mechanic, ordering parts from a local supplier, for same day delivery or pickup, to fix that broken water-hose on your car.

What many sellers fail to grasp, is that we are and have been, living in a global marketplace, in which American sellers will either get used to and adjust or simply fade away.

Enough for one night, but I do sincerely wish, sellers stop posting threads, that begin, with the name of a county or the race of a group. Think global +community+ and bury prejudice and old-world thinking.


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