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  • Mallome Roasting sticks
Mallome Roasting sticks

MalloMe Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set of 5 Smores Skewers & Hot Dog Fork 34 Inch Rotating Extending Patio Fire Pit Camping Cookware Campfire Cooking Kids Accessories.

Every great campfire tale ever told began when friends gathered around a warm fire to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows. And to this day, few things make kids happier and bring people together like enjoying some delicious, chocolatey s’mores over a backyard fire pit. That’s why we created a fun, easy-to-use roasting stick set that’s perfect for camping, home barbecues, and summer nights when your sweet tooth is calling for good for and great stories.

Product Details:

  • Five 34” Telescoping Fork Skewers
  • Multi-Colored Rotating Handles
  • Wide Mouth Prongs (Great for Sausages)
  • 18/8 304 Stainless Steel Forks
  • BPA Free, Hand Wash for Best Results

Family-Friendly Fun

This 34” marshmallow and hot dog roasting sticks are the perfect choice for couples, family gatherings, or just spending some time cooking over a fire pit in the backyard with your kids. The longer design and wide fork tips make them easier to handle, safer to use, and durable enough to last through all your outdoor adventures. 

Great for So Many Occasions:

  • Camping In the Wilderness
  • Backyard Get Together
  • Fire Pit with Family and Friends
  • Enjoy Right Outside the RV
  • For Dessert After a Great BBQ 

Essential Accessories

At MalloMe, we want to make having fun and getting outside even easier. That’s why we’ve designed our 5 fork set to be great for hot dogs and sausages for the open grill or fire pit. We've included a canvas material storage bag to keep hot roasting sticks in, and even a recipe ebook available for download that will give you some great ideas on the next sweet treats you’d like to make!

Put Delicious Treats Within Reach

The telescoping forks extend to 34” in length to better protect children and adults while roasting food. The size helps keep hands, clothes and bodies further away from the fire.

MalloMe roasting sticks feature wide tips to make them perfect for holding wider roastables. The 2-prong design also makes it easier to stack on more marshmallows or other treats.

Perfect size for an adult or child, every set comes with 5 meticulously made forks etched with the familiar MalloMe logo. The black tip can be flicked with your fingers to have the roaster rotate over the fire on demand to make for evenly cooked foods. Enjoy!


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